Magic Bomb

Urządzenie rozrywkowe - Time Bomb

Urządzenie Magic Bomb to świetne rozwiązanie na każdego rodzaju event. Począwszy od organizacji  urodzin poprzez imprezy firmowe kończąc na różnego rodzaju konkursach - element konieczny przy każdym wydarzeniu typu Teambuilding. W skrócie Magic Bomb to urządzenie rozrywkowe symulujące bombę którą należy rozbroić w wyznaczonym czasie. Aby rozbroić bombę należy wykonać szereg czynności umysłowo ruchowych. zobacz więcej...


Nuclear Box

Jest rok 2050, na świecie brakuje energii. Nasza nadzieja to uruchomienie reaktora jądrowego.Czy zdołasz to zrobić? 

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Nuclear Box - mobilny Escape the Room


Laserowy Labirynt

Laserowy Labirynt (Laser Maze)  to gra składająca się z zestawu laserów oraz czujników zamontowanych na przeciwległych ścianach. Urządzenie stanowi idealne rozwiązanie jako dodatkowa atrakcja do różnego rodzaju centrów rozrywki.

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Laserowa Strzelnica

Laser Shooting GalleryInteraktywna strzelnica to bardzo ciekawa opcja na rozszerzenie naszego centrum rozrywki. Urządzenie prezentuje się bardzo okazale i nie wymaga zbyt wiele miejsca do instalacji.

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Indoor Laser Tag Systems

Indoor Laser Tag System is the most popular type of equipment. We offer it to customers interested in a stationary option. The Laserwizards Company offers a wide range of solutions. We always adapt it to the customer requirements, the size of the arena and the kind of the place that they want to create. Our system is modular and very flexible, it gives you the opportunity to start a business with minimal financial commitment, and expand it later.

How does it work?

To run a system you need a computer with our software, radio transceiver and a number of sets – vests with a phaser. As a low budget option we can offer you  a vestless version of the equipment. 




The vest is equipped with sensors that register all hits from other players. The sensors are located on both shoulders, back and front. During the game the vest flashes in red or green depending on the variant of the game. As a response for hit there is a voice signal coming from the speaker and a corresponding change in the LED flashing frequency or light extinction. The electronics included in the vest is protected with transparent, UV responsible  shell made of high impact PETG. The rest of the vest is made of double layers of very durable material. This eliminates the risk of cracking the vest after prolonged use which may be the case for materials such as rubber or plastic, and it also increases the playing comfort of our customers.


PistoletThis is the main  item used by players during the game. It is very important for this item to be resistant to mechanical damage. In the design process we made a huge effort to make this element as much durable as possible, being focused as well on modern look and the  feel of the equipment. From the top the gun has a transparent cover that allows you to watch all the elements during the game. Flashing red and green LEDs and 'open' electronics emphasize its modern design. The phaser has a handle and triggers (classic shoot, grenade trigger and security buttons) located in the bottom part. The gun is also fitted with an LCD display located at the top which displays important information during the game. Pistolet

The phaser is connected to a vest with a cable to enable mutual communication and supply vest with a power. When a player is firing there a sound and a laser light coming from the gun. The phaser emits an infrared signal which is received in the event of an accurate shot by the opponent's pack (Phaser plus vest). Packs communicate by radio with the computer and between themselves which gives them the exchange of information and access to the results of the game in real time.


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