Magic Bomb

Urządzenie rozrywkowe - Time Bomb

Urządzenie Magic Bomb to świetne rozwiązanie na każdego rodzaju event. Począwszy od organizacji  urodzin poprzez imprezy firmowe kończąc na różnego rodzaju konkursach - element konieczny przy każdym wydarzeniu typu Teambuilding. W skrócie Magic Bomb to urządzenie rozrywkowe symulujące bombę którą należy rozbroić w wyznaczonym czasie. Aby rozbroić bombę należy wykonać szereg czynności umysłowo ruchowych. zobacz więcej...


Nuclear Box

Jest rok 2050, na świecie brakuje energii. Nasza nadzieja to uruchomienie reaktora jądrowego.Czy zdołasz to zrobić? 

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Nuclear Box - mobilny Escape the Room


Laserowy Labirynt

Laserowy Labirynt (Laser Maze)  to gra składająca się z zestawu laserów oraz czujników zamontowanych na przeciwległych ścianach. Urządzenie stanowi idealne rozwiązanie jako dodatkowa atrakcja do różnego rodzaju centrów rozrywki.

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Laserowa Strzelnica

Laser Shooting GalleryInteraktywna strzelnica to bardzo ciekawa opcja na rozszerzenie naszego centrum rozrywki. Urządzenie prezentuje się bardzo okazale i nie wymaga zbyt wiele miejsca do instalacji.

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Laser Maze

Laser MazeLaser Maze is an ideal option for extending your entertainment offer. It is very interesting  and does not require so much space for installation. Laser Maze is an interactive game consisting of a set of lasers arranged in the form of obstacles. The aim of the game is to overcome obstacles and reach the opposite end of the room, then go back. Any interruption of the laser beam is reported and will affect the score. Laser Maze can be compared to laser security systems used in banks or museums when interrupting the laser beam causes the alarm.

Laser MazeLaser Maze should be assembled in a separate room with a size of 20 square meters upwards. Suggested dimensions of the room are 4m width and 6m length. Other dimensions are of course also acceptable.

What does Laser Maze include?

- A set of lasers and a set of sensors

- Connection modules

- Interface for communication with the computer

- A computer with software to configure and run games

- External control buttons mounted on the wall (start / stop, select the difficulty level)

Laser MazeLasers are assembled on one wall, on the opposite wall are sensors that receive the signal from lasers. The Standard set consists of 16 lasers, this quantity can be increased or decreased depending on customer needs. The System operation is controlled by software running on a computer (Windows family operating system). Controlling the game can take place either directly from the PC  or from additional auxiliary buttons. Using buttons lets you protect the computer against people access. The system lets you to configure up to three difficulty levels, for each level, you can define any number of sets of lasers, so that each time you run the game system will assign different set of lasers. Laser Maze can be set up to operate as one way task or return way task with additional midway button. Optionally, the system can be equipped with a coin mechanism. The system allows you to connect external devices to be switched on at the time of occurrence of particular events such as the beam interruption, starting a game, etc. To ensure proper visibility of the laser it is required to use smoke machine.

The application provided with the system has many configuration options. The basic software features are:

Laser Maze Software- Defining game plans, (defining sets of lasers to be active and inactive)

- Reporting the number of games played

- System configuration, service functions

- Defining own playlists of MP3 files, defining own sounds to be played at the time of occurrence of the particular events in the game

- Dual monitor option (second monitor works as as a big scoreboard)

- Score board printing


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