Magic Bomb

Urządzenie rozrywkowe - Time Bomb

Urządzenie Magic Bomb to świetne rozwiązanie na każdego rodzaju event. Począwszy od organizacji  urodzin poprzez imprezy firmowe kończąc na różnego rodzaju konkursach - element konieczny przy każdym wydarzeniu typu Teambuilding. W skrócie Magic Bomb to urządzenie rozrywkowe symulujące bombę którą należy rozbroić w wyznaczonym czasie. Aby rozbroić bombę należy wykonać szereg czynności umysłowo ruchowych. zobacz więcej...


Nuclear Box

Jest rok 2050, na świecie brakuje energii. Nasza nadzieja to uruchomienie reaktora jądrowego.Czy zdołasz to zrobić? 

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Nuclear Box - mobilny Escape the Room


Laserowy Labirynt

Laserowy Labirynt (Laser Maze)  to gra składająca się z zestawu laserów oraz czujników zamontowanych na przeciwległych ścianach. Urządzenie stanowi idealne rozwiązanie jako dodatkowa atrakcja do różnego rodzaju centrów rozrywki.

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Laserowa Strzelnica

Laser Shooting GalleryInteraktywna strzelnica to bardzo ciekawa opcja na rozszerzenie naszego centrum rozrywki. Urządzenie prezentuje się bardzo okazale i nie wymaga zbyt wiele miejsca do instalacji.

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Laser Shooting Gallery

Shooting TargetLaser Shooting Gallery is another laser facility  that can enrich entertainment at our center. This device can be used as an interesting addition to the Laser Tag locations or  other sites not connected in any way with Laser Tag. The system can be used as a stationary or mobile solution. It suits very good for various outdoor events. Laser Shooting Gallery is more a device designed for an entertainment where players’ reflex and concentration are the most important factors. The device is unlikely to meet the role of classical shooting in which the main objective is precise shooting.

What does the system consist of?

The system consists of a set of targets which assembled on one wall (typically 12 targets, expandable to 20), the PC communication interface, computer, a set of guns (the amount depends on the size of the room, we recommend 4 to 6) .
One of the walls acts as a shooting objective, all targets should be mounted on it. Targets should be located at a distance of about 1 meter from each other. Recommended dimensions of the room are 4m width and 5 length (or more). For best results it is recommended to decorate the room with fluorescent paintings and to use UV lighting. During the game, the system reacts to hits with the appropriate sound effect. It is also recommended to install sound system in this room. Usage of a smoke machine is recommended to ensure lasers are visible enough.

Laser Guns

What is the game itself?

Laser Shooting Gallery Software

The system can operate in either an individual game or the team game. The number of players who can  play the game is dependent on the number of guns available and the size of the room. The aim of the game is to shoot down as many points that light up randomly during the game. Targets light up in red or green, guns can also be red or green. Players get positive points by hitting targets that light up in the same color. Hitting targets of opposite color deducts points. A big score board is displayed during the game. Many settings are available in the application provided with the system (Windows operating system is required).Starting the game and the mode selection can be performed directly from the application or via external buttons. This solution allows you to hide your computer from people involved in the game.

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