Magic Bomb

Urządzenie rozrywkowe - Time Bomb

Urządzenie Magic Bomb to świetne rozwiązanie na każdego rodzaju event. Począwszy od organizacji  urodzin poprzez imprezy firmowe kończąc na różnego rodzaju konkursach - element konieczny przy każdym wydarzeniu typu Teambuilding. W skrócie Magic Bomb to urządzenie rozrywkowe symulujące bombę którą należy rozbroić w wyznaczonym czasie. Aby rozbroić bombę należy wykonać szereg czynności umysłowo ruchowych. zobacz więcej...


Nuclear Box

Jest rok 2050, na świecie brakuje energii. Nasza nadzieja to uruchomienie reaktora jądrowego.Czy zdołasz to zrobić? 

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Nuclear Box - mobilny Escape the Room


Laserowy Labirynt

Laserowy Labirynt (Laser Maze)  to gra składająca się z zestawu laserów oraz czujników zamontowanych na przeciwległych ścianach. Urządzenie stanowi idealne rozwiązanie jako dodatkowa atrakcja do różnego rodzaju centrów rozrywki.

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Laserowa Strzelnica

Laser Shooting GalleryInteraktywna strzelnica to bardzo ciekawa opcja na rozszerzenie naszego centrum rozrywki. Urządzenie prezentuje się bardzo okazale i nie wymaga zbyt wiele miejsca do instalacji.

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Magic Bomb - portable Escape the Room

Team Building Device - Escape Room in suitcaseThe Magic Bomb device is a great idea for each event. Birthday parties, company events, escape rooms, teambuildings  or extra contests are only few examples where you can use it. In brief – Magic Bomb is an entertainment device simulating a bomb - escape room in suitcase. The bomb must be defused in a given time. To make it players complete some tasks and also give a proper answers. In the latest release the Magic Bomb can be fitted with an Input/Output interface. It can be now integrated with third part devices.

Magic Bomb in Action Profil Laserhouse na Facebook
Magic Bomb - company events, teambuildings, birthdayparties , escape room

 The device is very flexible and can be used in many situations. Users can define their own sets of tasks and questions. Sets of questions and tasks we call gameplans. Magic Bomb is supplied with a special software – Bomb Manager. Many gameplans can be created using Bomb Manager and uploaded to device by USB cable. Questions may be created to suit events where the bomb will be used. Magic Bomb may be used by kids as well as by adults. Defusing a bomb may be a task for professionals or full of laughter and fun.

 Magic Bomb - managing software

Disarming the bomb may consist of 5 tasks:
-        rotary switches – there are 5 switches, each of them must be set to a value between 1-12
-        pin code on keypad – to go to next step the user must enter the proper pin code
-        distance sensors – task arcade – the user must keep both hands above the sensors for a particular time at a particular distance
-        buttons – there are 6 buttons – the user must press correct buttons defined in the the gameplan
-        disconnecting wires – necessary element in each bomb, there are 8 wires, some of them must be disconnected in the proper order
A Gameplan may consist of 5 tasks or less. the tasks described above might be active or inactive, order of tasks may also be changed.

From now the Magic Bomb (the bomb in suitcase) is supplied with many gameplans that can be used out of the box. We have short and long gameplans, suitable for kids and adults. Some gameplans include jigsaw and graphic puzzles.
Our gameplans can be used during events or inside Escape Rooms. When the device is dissarmed it can display a special unlock PIN code (to open the door or lock). We also offer a number of online puzzles
that can be used as a part of a game. Our online games are prepared to work on tablets, mobiles, PCs etc. The Magic Bomb is now available in Multilingual option. The device language can be simply changed under the menu. The languages included by default are: English, French, Dutch, Spanish, German, Italian and Polish. It is also available to define own languages and customized captions. All games instructions, manuals, online games are also available in all those languages.

Magic Bomb - many gameplans
Magic Bomb is attractiove and robust and built with high-quality components. . The current stage of the disarming process is indicated by a light and a sound. A front panel is highlighted in many colors. The backlight can be turned off when the device is being used outdoor. Magic Bomb is fitted with a display that shows hints on each step. There is also an additional timer that shows the remaining time. Magic Bomb contains a battery inside. Many games can be played on a single charging. There is also the possibility of working on mains power. The device is provided with Bomb Manager software, charger, USB cable, PSU and many gamplans (including jigsaw and graphic puzzles).


 Team Building Device - Magic Bomb

The latest release of the Magic Bomb can be optionally fitted with an input/outpu interface. This option extends usage of the Magic Bomb, it can be now integrated with third part devices, it can now also control all the Escape The Room. The Input/Output interface can be configured with an application and offers many features. It is very simple to open the door or a lock when particular task is finished, it is simple to turn on the lamp, the are many options and we will be happy to answer to all of your questions regarding the I/O interface possibilities. Our device can be also integrated with popular microcomputer Raspberry PI.


Input/Output interface for the Magic Bomb



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