Magic Bomb

Urządzenie rozrywkowe - Time Bomb

Urządzenie Magic Bomb to świetne rozwiązanie na każdego rodzaju event. Począwszy od organizacji  urodzin poprzez imprezy firmowe kończąc na różnego rodzaju konkursach - element konieczny przy każdym wydarzeniu typu Teambuilding. W skrócie Magic Bomb to urządzenie rozrywkowe symulujące bombę którą należy rozbroić w wyznaczonym czasie. Aby rozbroić bombę należy wykonać szereg czynności umysłowo ruchowych. zobacz więcej...


Nuclear Box

Jest rok 2050, na świecie brakuje energii. Nasza nadzieja to uruchomienie reaktora jądrowego.Czy zdołasz to zrobić? 

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Nuclear Box - mobilny Escape the Room


Laserowy Labirynt

Laserowy Labirynt (Laser Maze)  to gra składająca się z zestawu laserów oraz czujników zamontowanych na przeciwległych ścianach. Urządzenie stanowi idealne rozwiązanie jako dodatkowa atrakcja do różnego rodzaju centrów rozrywki.

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Laserowa Strzelnica

Laser Shooting GalleryInteraktywna strzelnica to bardzo ciekawa opcja na rozszerzenie naszego centrum rozrywki. Urządzenie prezentuje się bardzo okazale i nie wymaga zbyt wiele miejsca do instalacji.

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Nuclear Box

Nuclear Box - Teambuilding gamesNuclear Box is an entertainment device based on theme of nuclear reactors. The aim of the game is to save the world by running the last remaining power source in the world. The reactor must be started in a given time by doing many logic and arcade tasks. The game gives a lot of fun and integrates the people. We recommend our device everywhere where good fun is the most important thing. Our customers are Event Companies, Escape Room’s, Laser Tag centers, Play centers for kids and many more entertainment business. The Nuclear Box suits for kids as well as for adults.

Teambuildings, Escape the Room and many otherIt is a perfect idea for comapny parties, birthday parties and many other events. Indoor and outdoor usage is possible. An interesting idea is to use several devices at the same time to prepare competition between teams. There are many games (puzzles) suitable for people of different ages provided. The device and all puzzles are multilingual. We also offer special software that can be used to define own games. The software is also included in price. The difficulty level each time depends on riddles difficulties and application settings for particular tasks. Device operation is very simple and intuitive, it should not cause any problems.

Many riddles are included

The game consists of few parts, the order of them is configurable. One of tasks is to insert fuel rods into proper slots without touching edges of the slot. The order can be displayed or it can be an additional riddle. Each mistake means a penalty or a necessity to start the task from the begining.Easy management and configuration At start fuel rods can be inserted to the case or hidden somewhere, finding them can be additional task. Next task is to enter proper PIN code. Pin code can consist from 1 to 20 digits. Very interesting is also the Memo task, we call ir also the Security Sequence. There are 12 buttons and 12 Leds available. The system will light up leds in random order. The player should repeat the sequence by presing proper buttons. The number of buttons and the speed of hinting is configurable, they can be changed to set up the proper difficulty level. The next task is to turn on particular core of nuclear reactor. There are 5 cores available. The riddle is to find out which cores should be turned on and in which order. The last task is to start the nuclear reactor. It can be done with a special airplane style button.

Nuclear Box -portable escape the room

The device can be powered from the battery but if required also from mains power (110-230V). Charger, PSU and all wires are provided with the device. The main idea behind the Nuclear Box is to use it as a mobile device however there are options to extend its usability. To integrate the Nuclear Box with external switches or devices it can be fitted with Input-Output ports. We offer also an additional equipment – the Relay Box. It is a set of relays prepared for safe integration other devices with the Nuclear Box or the Magic Bomb. For more advanced users we offer also Raspberry Pi integration.


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